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chain-vector vecprocedure
chain-u8vector vecprocedure
chain-u16vector vecprocedure
chain-u32vector vecprocedure
chain-u64vector vecprocedure
chain-s8vector vecprocedure
chain-s16vector vecprocedure
chain-s32vector vecprocedure
chain-s64vector vecprocedure
chain-f32vector vecprocedure
chain-f64vector vecprocedure
chain-c64vector vecprocedure
chain-c128vector vecprocedure

A transducer that chains the contents of the provided vector to the end of the current transduction.

(import transducers)

(transduce vector-fold
           (chain-u8vector (u8vector 1 2 3))
           (vector 'a 'b 'c))

; => #(a b c 1 2 3)