chickadee » srfi-29 » load-localized-compiled-code

load-localized-compiled-code LIBRARY PACKAGE-NAME TEMPLATE-NAMESprocedure

Loads a Scheme code library and replaces the toplevel variable references from the templates with the actual value. Each item package-name template-name has a variable reference upon entry. Upon exit this is replaced with the variable value after load.

Every item package-name template-name referenced must be defined. Otherwise a (exn srfi-29 undefined) exception if raised.

pathname, unitname, or (unitname pathname)
(list-of template-name).
(or TEMPLATE-NAME variable-reference).
(or symbol (symbol symbol)).

The corresponding load call for a LIBRARY form is load-relative, load-library, and load-library. (See Unit eval.)


  • (symbol symbol) in variable-reference is a module import reference; this is a brittle feature as it relies upon knowledge of implementation details.
  • only load-relative is used for a library pathname. Be sure to provide an absolute-pathname when a current-directory relative pathname is needed.
  • This is an experimental API.