chickadee » srfi-116 » ireduce-right

ireduce-right f ridentity ilistprocedure

ireduce-right is the fold-right variant of ireduce. It obeys the following definition:

(ireduce-right f ridentity '())            ;=> ridentity
(ireduce-right f ridentity (iq e1))        ;=> (f e1 ridentity) ;=> e1
(ireduce-right f ridentity (iq e1 e2 ...)) ;=> (f e1 (ireduce f ridentity (e2 ...))) other words, we compute (ifold-right f ridentity ilist).

;; Append a bunch of ilists together.
;; I.e., (iapply iappend ilist-of-ilists)
(ireduce-right iappend '() ilist-of-ilists)