chickadee » spiffy » start-server

(start-server [port: port-number] [bind-address: address] [listen: listen-procedure] [accept: accept-procedure] [addresses: addresses-procedure])procedure

This is the most convenient way to get a server up and running quickly. It starts the server to listen on the given port. Other configuration can be tweaked through SRFI-39 parameters. These are listed below. Once the server is started, server behaviour can be controlled through these parameters as well. After the listener is started, when spiffy-user and/or spiffy-group are provided, this procedure will drop privileges before starting the accept loop.

By default, Spiffy will only serve static files. On directories, it will give a "403 forbidden", unless there is an index-file. If there is, that file's contents will be shown.

All arguments directly supplied to start-server override the configuration parameter values and will be parameterized to reflect this new setting.

port-number defaults to the value of server-port (see below). bind-address defaults to the value of server-bind-address (see below). listen defaults to tcp-listen and should accept a port number, backlog and bind address. accept defaults to tcp-accept, and is passed on as-is to accept-loop. addresses-procedure defaults to a procedure which works like tcp-addresses but can also detect SSL ports and return the addresses of the underlying TCP connection.