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register-events! event-symbolsprocedure

Register zero or more symbols as new user event types. After registration, the given symbols may be used as event types, e.g. with event-type-set!. The symbols will be associated with the sdl2:user-event variant of sdl2:event.

event-symbols must be a list of symbols that are not already being used as event types. If any symbol is already being used, or if any member of the list is not a symbol, an error will be signalled and none of the new event types will be registered.

There are 32767 user event type numbers available to register. Each symbol in event-symbols will be assigned a sequential number. If there are not enough remaining numbers to register all the symbols in event-symbols, this procedure will signal an exception of kind (exn sdl2), and none of the new event types will be registered.

This procedure returns a list of pairs, with the car of each pair being a new event type symbol, and the cdr of each pair being that symbol's assigned number.

This procedure is based on SDL_RegisterEvents.