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query-texture textureprocedure
query-texture-raw textureprocedure

Get multiple pieces of information about the texture. See SDL_QueryTexture.

query-texture returns multiple values:

The sdl2:texture's pixel format, as a pixel format enum symbol
The sdl2:texture's access mode, as a texture access enum symbol
The sdl2:texture's width, as a nonnegative integer measured in pixels
The sdl2:texture's height, as a nonnegative integer measured in pixels

query-texture-raw is similar, except it returns raw integer values (not symbols) for format and access.

If you only want one of these pieces of information, it is more convenient and efficient to use one of these procedures instead:

  • texture-format
  • texture-access
  • texture-w
  • texture-h

Requires sdl2 egg 0.2.0 or higher.