chickadee » sdl-base » sdl-create-rgb-surface

sdl-create-rgb-surface flags width height depth rmask gmask bmask amaskprocedure

Creates a RGB(A) surface with the given height, width, rmask, gmask, bmask and amask. This is a wrapper for SDL_CreateRGBSurface function.

Flags can be: SDL_SWSURFACE (store surface in general-purpose memory) or SDL_HWSURFACE (store surface in video memory), SDL_SRCCOLORKEY (turn on colour-keying; use sdl-set-color-key! to change the value of this flag after surface creation), SDL_SRCALPHA (use alpha-channel for surface; this flag is automatically set if amask is non-zero; sdl-set-alpha! allows to change this flag later). Flags can be combined with +.