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fork/pipe #!optional thunk continue-threads?procedure
%fork/pipe #!optional thunk continue-threads?procedure

These fork the process as per fork or %fork, but additionally they set up a pipe between parent and child. The child's standard output is set up to write to the pipe, while the parent's standard input is set up to read to the pipe. Standard error is inherited from the parent.

The return value is a process object or #f.

Currently fork%/pipe is just an alias for fork/pipe.

Important: These procedures only set up the file descriptors, not the Scheme ports. current-input-port, current-output-port and current-error-port still refer to their old file descriptors after a fork. This means that you'll need to reopen the descriptors to get a Scheme port that reads from the child or writes to the parent:

(import scsh-process (chicken file posix))

  (fork/pipe (lambda ()
               (with-output-to-port (open-output-file* 1)
                 (lambda () (display "Hello, world.\n"))))))

(read-line (open-input-file* 0)) => "Hello, world"