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string->symbol stringprocedure

Returns the symbol whose name is string. This procedure can create symbols with names containing special characters or letters in the non-standard case, but it is usually a bad idea to create such symbols because in some implementations of Scheme they cannot be read as themselves. See symbol->string.

The following examples assume that the implementation's standard case is lower case:

(eq? 'mISSISSIppi 'mississippi)  
                ===>  #t
(string->symbol "mISSISSIppi")  
                ===>  the symbol with name "mISSISSIppi"
(eq? 'bitBlt (string->symbol "bitBlt"))     
                ===>  #f
(eq? 'JollyWog
       (symbol->string 'JollyWog)))  
                ===>  #t
(string=? "K. Harper, M.D."
            (string->symbol "K. Harper, M.D.")))  
                ===>  #t