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(let-syntax <bindings> <body>)syntax

Syntax: <Bindings> should have the form

((<keyword> <transformer spec>) ...)

Each <keyword> is an identifier, each <transformer spec> is an instance of syntax-rules, and <body> should be a sequence of one or more expressions. It is an error for a <keyword> to appear more than once in the list of keywords being bound.

Semantics: The <body> is expanded in the syntactic environment obtained by extending the syntactic environment of the let-syntax expression with macros whose keywords are the <keyword>s, bound to the specified transformers. Each binding of a <keyword> has <body> as its region.

(let-syntax ((when (syntax-rules ()
                     ((when test stmt1 stmt2 ...)
                      (if test
                          (begin stmt1
                                 stmt2 ...))))))
  (let ((if #t))
    (when if (set! if 'now))
    if))                                   ===>  now

(let ((x 'outer))
  (let-syntax ((m (syntax-rules () ((m) x))))
    (let ((x 'inner))
      (m))))                               ===>  outer