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caar pairprocedure
cadr pairprocedure
cdar pairprocedure
cddr pairprocedure
caaar pairprocedure
caadr pairprocedure
cadar pairprocedure
caddr pairprocedure
cdaar pairprocedure
cdadr pairprocedure
cddar pairprocedure
cdddr pairprocedure
caaaar pairprocedure
caaadr pairprocedure
caadar pairprocedure
caaddr pairprocedure
cadaar pairprocedure
cadadr pairprocedure
caddar pairprocedure
cadddr pairprocedure
cdaaar pairprocedure
cdaadr pairprocedure
cdadar pairprocedure
cdaddr pairprocedure
cddaar pairprocedure
cddadr pairprocedure
cdddar pairprocedure
cddddr pairprocedure

These procedures are compositions of car and cdr, where for example caddr could be defined by

(define caddr (lambda (x) (car (cdr (cdr x))))).