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A mailbox constrained by capacity.

A second module pigeonry - currently unstable in API and undocumented - provides a threadpool. This is only slightly faster than creating a fresh thread, catching exceptions and run job it does while still obeying the capacity limit. This module NYD (not yet documented) at all.




isa? *procedure

Test predicate for PIGEON-HOLE.

(: make (&optional NAME #!key (capacity: 0) -> {{PIGEON-HOLE}}))procedure

Return a PIGEON-HOLE constrained by capacity.

size PIGEON-HOLEprocedure

Return number of pigeons in PIGEON-HOLE.

empty? PIGEON-HOLEprocedure

Test PIGEON-HOLE to be empty.

count PIGEON-HOLEprocedure

Return number of waiters on PIGEON-HOLE.

send! PIGEON-HOLE VALUEprocedure

Immediately send VALUE to PIGEON-HOLE. Does *not* respect capacity limits!

send/blocking! PIGEON-HOLE VALUE #!optional BLOCKprocedure

Send VALUE to PIGEON-HOLE, blocks if capacity is reached.

BLOCK is either a boolean or a procedure taking the queue as argument and returning a boolean. If it is a procedure it is call in tail position when the call would block. If #f does not block but return #f. Default if #t: block for capacity.

Return: #t if value was send.

receive! PIGEON-HOLEprocedure

Receive value from PIGEON-HOLE, block if none available.

Unstable API

(send-list/anyway!! PIGEON-HOLE LIST [NUM LAST]) -> undefinedprocedure

Append all values from LIST to PIGEON-HOLE.

It is an error to access LIST after this call. Optional NUM and LAST may be given for optimization. Must be the length of the LIST and the last pair of it. All bets are off otherwise.

receive-all! PIGEON-HOLEprocedure

Receive list of all currently available values from PIGEON-HOLE.


    (import scheme chicken srfi-18 extras)
    (import (prefix pigeon-hole mailbox-))
   (define mb (mailbox-make 'm0 capacity: 10))
   ;;(define active-mailbox-send! mailbox-send!)
   (define active-mailbox-send! mailbox-send/blocking!)
     (define turns 1000000))
     (define turns 1000)))
   (define tw
      (lambda ()
 (do ((i 0 (add1 i)))
     ((= i turns))
   (active-mailbox-send! mb i)))
   (define tr
      (lambda ()
 (do ((i 0 (add1 i)))
     ((= i turns))
   (mailbox-receive! mb)
   (define (test-run)
     (thread-start! tr)
     (define t0 (current-milliseconds))
     (thread-start! tw)
     (thread-join! tr)
     (define t1 (current-milliseconds))
     (format #t "~a message passings in ~a (~a per ms)\n "
             turns (- t1 t0) (/ turns (- t1 t0)))
   ) (import test) (test-run)

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Jörg F. Wittenberger



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