chickadee » openssl » ssl-load-private-key!

(ssl-load-private-key! (obj <ssl-client-context-or-ssl-listener>) (pathname/blob <string-or-blob>) #!optional ((rsa? <symbol-or-bool>) #t) ((asn1? <bool>) #f)) => <void>procedure

Loads the first private key from the file or data blob pathname/blob for the given client context or listener. The key goes with the certificate that identifies the client or server.

If rsa? is #t or 'rsa, the first RSA key is read (i.e., non-RSA keys are skipped). If rsa? is #f or 'dsa, a DSA key is read.

If pathname/blob is a data blob, the key must be ASN1 encoded and rsa? may also take the values 'dh or 'ec to load Diffie-Hellman or Elliptic Curve keys respectively.

If asn1? is #t and pathname/blob refers to a file, that file is parsed as ASN1 format instead of PEM.