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(ssl-connect* #!key (hostname <string>) (port <exact>) ((sni-name <string-or-bool>) #t) ((protocol <symbol-or-pair>) 'tlsv12) ((cipher-list <any>) "DEFAULT") (certificate <string-or-blob>) (private-key <string-or-blob>) ((private-key-type <symbol>) 'rsa) (private-key-asn1? <bool>) (certificate-authorities <string>) (certificate-authority-directory <string>) ((verify? <bool>) #t)) => <input-port>, <output-port>procedure

Convenience constructor for SSL connections that uses keyword arguments to convey client context initialization information. Uses sensible defaults for the protocol configuration, enables certificate verification and sends a virtual hostname by default.

The hostname and port arguments determine the network address to connect to. See ssl-make-client-context* for a description of the other keyword arguments.