chickadee » opencl » kernel-enqueue

kernel-enqueue kernel cq global-work-sizes #!key event wait global-work-offsets local-work-sizesprocedure

Enqueues kernel for execution on cq as described here.

global-work-sizes must be a list of integers, each representing a work size for each dimension. On most platforms, the maximum number of dimensions (and thus the length of global-work-sizes) is 3. The minimum is always 1.

The numbers supplied here will be reflected inside kernel as get_global_size(n). Note that total number of worker-items executed should be (foldl * 1 global-work-sizes).

Unlike most of the other procedures, kernel-enqueue is non-blocking and may return before kernel is finished executing. If event is supplied and is #t or a cl_event, the returned event can be used to query the kernel execution status. If event is not supplied, kernel-enqueue returns #f.