chickadee » oauth » acquire-token-credential

acquire-token-credential service temporary-credential #!optional verifierprocedure

This is the third step in the three step Redirection-Based Authorization defined in OAuth.

  3.  The client uses the temporary credentials to request a set of
      token credentials from the server, which will enable it to access
      the resource owner's protected resources.
        -- RFC 5849, Section 2

When the user returns from the authorization step (authorize-resource-owner) you must exchange their temporary credential for a token credential using this procedure.

This procedure will return a token credential that you can save, and reuse along with your oauth-service (make-oauth-service), in order to make signed API calls on behalf of the authorized user.

Once you have obtained the token-credential returned by this procedure you can use with-oauth to make API calls to arbitrary HTTP endpoints.