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mistie-def-ctl-seq SEQ WRITERprocedure

This Mistie procedure defines control sequences. A control sequence is a sequence of letters (alphabetic characters), and is invoked in the input document by prefixing the sequence with an escape character. The case of the letters is insignificant.

mistie-def-ctl-seq associates a procedure with a control sequence -- when the control sequence SEQ occurs in the input document, it causes the procedure WRITER to be applied.

The following defines the control sequence br, which emits the HTML tag <br>:

(mistie-def-ctl-seq 'br
  (lambda ()
    (display "<br>")))

Before a control sequence can be used, we must fix the escape character. The following sets it to backslash:

(set! mistie-escape-char #\\)

We can now invoke the br control sequence as \br.