chickadee » memory-mapped-files » map-file-to-memory

map-file-to-memory ADDRESS LEN PROTECTION FLAG FILENO #!optional OFFSETprocedure

Maps a section of a file to memory using the C function mmap(). ADDRESS should be a foreign pointer object or #f; LEN specifies the size of the section to be mapped; PROTECTION should be one or more of the flags prot/read, prot/write, prot/exec or prot/none bitwise-iored together; FLAG should be one or more of the flags map/fixed, map/shared, map/private, map/anonymous or map/file; FILENO should be the file-descriptor of the mapped file. The optional argument OFFSET gives the offset of the section of the file to be mapped and defaults to 0. This procedure returns an object representing the mapped file section. The procedure move-memory! can be used to access the mapped memory.