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Converts Markdown to the svnwiki syntax used on the Chicken wiki. It uses lowdown to transform Markdown into SXML before transforming it into svnwiki with sxml-transforms. Much credit goes to those two libraries, particularly lowdown which heavily influenced the code in markdown-svnwiki.

markdown-svnwiki includes pre and post-processing phases for performing customizable transformations on the input and output. Some transformations, meant to make working with the Chicken wiki more convenient, are included by default. They are described in the section Special Syntax.



markdown-svnwiki installs both a module and a command line utility. The command line utility is used as follows:

usage: markdown-svnwiki [-h | --help]
                        [-o | --output-file NAME]
                        [-e | --extension EXTENSION]
                        [-t | --no-toc]

Convert the given Markdown file to CHICKEN's svnwiki syntax. If no file is given, stdin is read. If neither the output-file or extension arguments are given, the result is written to stdout. If the output-file argument is provided, the resulting svnwiki file is written to a file of that name. If the extension argument is given, the svnwiki file uses the same name as the input file, with the given extension.


markdown->svnwiki inputprocedure

Convert the given input (may be a string or a port) into svnwiki, outputting to current-output-port.


An alist of functions that accept a string (the input to markdown->svnwiki) and should transform it in some way. By default contains one entry: code-blocks, for dealing with code blocks as described in Special Syntax.


An alist of functions that accept a string (the pre-post-processed output from markdown->svnwiki) and should transform it in some way. By default contains: code-blocks, procedure, macro, read, parameter, record, string, class, method, constant, setter, syntax, and type, for dealing with code blocks and definition tags as described in Special Syntax.


If true, inserts [[toc:]] after the first-level heading(s). Defaults to #t.

Special syntax

markdown-svnwiki supports the syntax highlighted code blocks that GitHub, Pandoc and perhaps others support. It converts these blocks into the <enscript> tags that highlight with the given language. It does this using a pre and post-processing step, both named code-blocks. These code blocks take the following form:

``` Scheme
code ...


<enscript highlight="scheme">
code ...

Additionally, markdown-svnwiki supports a special syntax for adding the definition tags supported by the Chicken wiki. Single-line verbatim code blocks that begin with exactly four spaces followed by [definition-type] are given a <definition-type> tag. Only the tags supported by the Chicken wiki are supported. For example:

    [procedure] (my-proc ...)


<procedure>(my-proc ...)</procedure>


This example can be compiled to make a command line program that accepts one argument - a Markdown file - and outputs a svnwiki file into the same directory. It shows the addition of of a pre-processing step - one that removes the first section called "Installation" (fairly indiscriminately, it stops at the first #).

  (chicken irregex)
  (chicken process-context)
  (chicken pathname)

(define file-name (cadr (argv)))
(define output-name (pathname-replace-extension file-name "svnwiki"))

  (cons 'remove-installation
        (lambda (s)
          (irregex-replace "## Installation[^#]*" s "")))

(call-with-output-file output-name
  (lambda (output)
    (call-with-input-file file-name
      (lambda (input)
        (current-output-port output)
        (markdown->svnwiki input)))))

Version history

Version 0.3.1

7 April 2019

Version 0.3.0

17 March 2019

Version 0.2.0

22 October 2014

Version 0.1.4

11 May 2014

Version 0.1.3

Version 0.1.2

Version 0.1.1

Version 0.1.0

Source repository

Source available on GitHub.

Bug reports and patches welcome! Bugs can be reported via GitHub or to alex.n.charlton at gmail.


Alex Charlton



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