chickadee » integer-map » fxmapping-pop-min

fxmapping-pop-min fxmapprocedure
fxmapping-pop-max fxmapprocedure

Returns three values, k, v, and fxmap′, where (k, v) is the association of fxmap with the least/greatest key and fxmap′ is a fxmapping containing all of the associations of fxmap except for (k, v). It is an error if fxmap is empty.


(let-values (((k v fxmap)
              (fxmapping-pop-min (fxmapping 0 'a 1 'b 2 'c))))
  (values k v (fxmapping->alist fxmap)))
 ⇒ (0 a ((1 . b) (2 . c)))