chickadee » inotify » event-wd

event? Xprocedure
event-wd EVENTprocedure
event-flags EVENTprocedure
event-name EVENTprocedure

Event predicate and accessors for event records. An event has a watch descriptor for associating it with a watch, a list of flags associated with the event, a cookie that is set for rename events to allow connecting the old and new file name and a name that is set for file events inside a watched directory.

The event flag list consists of at least one of the following symbols:

  • access
  • attrib
  • close-write
  • close-nowrite
  • create
  • delete
  • delete-self
  • ignore
  • isdir
  • modify
  • move-self
  • moved-from
  • moved-to
  • open
  • q-overflow
  • unmount