chickadee » inotify » add-watch!

add-watch! PATH FLAGSprocedure

Adds a watch for PATH which must be an absolute or relative path pointing to a file or directory. FLAGS is a list of at least one symbol describing the events one is interested in. Returns a watch descriptor associated with the watch.

The event flag list consists of at least one of the following event type symbols:

  • access
  • attrib
  • close-write
  • close-nowrite
  • create
  • delete
  • delete-self
  • modify
  • move-self
  • moved-from
  • moved-to
  • open

Further convenience flags:

  • move (equivalent to (moved-from moved-to))
  • close (equivalent to (close-write close-nowrite))
  • all-events (catches all event types)

Further options:

  • dont-follow
  • excl-unlink
  • mask-add
  • oneshot
  • onlydir