chickadee » hyperscene » make-camera

(make-camera TYPE STYLE SCENE [near: NEAR] [far: FAR] [angle: ANGLE] [width: WIDTH] [height: HEIGHT] [viewport-width-ratio: VIEWPORT-WIDTH-RATIO] [viewport-height-ratio: VIEWPORT-HEIGHT-RATIO] [static-viewport?: STATIC-VIEWPORT?])procedure

Create a new camera associated with the given scene. TYPE must be one of #:ortho or #:perspective for an orthographic or a perspective camera, respectively. STYLE must be one of #:position, #:look-at, #:orbit, or #:first-person. New cameras are automatically activated. NEAR is the near plane of the camera, defaulting to 1. FAR is the far plane of the camera, defaulting to 10000. ANGLE is the view-angle, in degrees, for perspective cameras, defaulting to 70. WIDTH and HEIGHT should be initialized to the size of camera’s viewport. VIEWPORT-WIDTH-RATIO and VIEWPORT-HEIGHT-RATIO scale the camera’s viewport (its view frustum’s near plane) in the width and height direction. The effects of the scaling persist after resize-cameras is called. If STATIC-VIEWPORT? is #t, the camera’s viewport dimensions will be fixed such that they won’t be changed by resize-cameras, although VIEWPORT-WIDTH-RATIO and VIEWPORT-HEIGHT-RATIO still effect the final viewport size.