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store-cookie! cookie-info set-cookieprocedure

Store a cookie in the cookiejar corresponding to the Set-Cookie header given by set-cookie. This overwrites any cookie that is equal to this cookie, as defined by RFC 2965, section 3.3.3. Practically, this means that when the cookie's name, domain and path are equal to an existant one, it will be overwritten by the new one. These attributes are taken from the cookie-info alist and expected to be there.

Generally, attributes should be taken from set-cookie, but if missing they ought to be taken from the request URI that responded with the set-cookie.

(store-cookie! `((path . ,(make-uri path: '(/ "")))
                 (domain . "")
                 (secure . #t))
               `#(("COOKIE_NAME" . "cookie-value")
                  ((path . ,(make-uri path: '(/ ""))))))