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(define-method (NAME [QUALIFIER] [(ARGUMENT1 CLASS1) ...] ...) BODY ...)syntax

Defines a method specialized for arguments of the classes CLASS1 ... on the generic procedure NAME. If NAME holds a method for the same argument classes, the previously defined method is replaced.

If no generic procedure has previously been defined for NAME, then a generic procedure definition is done implicitly. Whether it can be assumed a definition exists is assumed to be the case when one of the following holds true:

  • NAME is an imported value binding
  • a generic procedure has been defined with (define-generic NAME ...) in the same compilation unit or the same interpreter session and is lexically visible
(define-method ((setter NAME) ...) BODY ...)

is allowed and supported.

QUALIFIER may be one of the keywords primary:, before:, after: or around: and mark the method as being either a primary (default) method, a method that is called before or after the primary method or a method that is "wrapped" around more specific methods. before: methods are invoked from most specific to least specific. after: methods are invoked from least specific to most specific. around: methods can chose to invoke the next most specific method with the same arguments by calling (call-next-method) with no arguments.

All arguments of the form (ARGUMENT CLASS) are specialized up to the first occurrence of a plain symbol or until a "rest"-argument or extended lambda-list marker (#!rest, #!optional or #!key) is encountered.