chickadee » commands » show-main-help

show-main-help exit-code #!key (message ) (sort-commands sort-commands-alphabetically)procedure

Show the help message of the command dispatcher program.

If exit-code is a positive integer, it'll be given as argument to the exit procedure. If it is #f, exit won't be called.

If exit-code is #f or zero, the message will be printed to the standard output. Otherwise, it'll be printed to the standard error.

By default it'll print:

   Usage: $PROGRAM [-h|-help|--help] <command> [<options>]


  • $PROGRAM: (pathname-strip-directory (program-name))
  • $MESSAGE: The value of the message keyword parameter (default = "")
  • LIST_OF_COMMANDS_AND_THEIR_HELP_MESSAGES: List of commands and their help messages, separated by empty lines.