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Measurement-based Color Spaces


A port of the SLIB color library. For documentation see:



srfi-13, fmt, records


;;; construct some colors in various color spaces
;;; and measure their distance from the D65 white-point

(import color)

(let ((rgb-red    (make-color 'sRGB   '(255  0    0)))
	  (lab-yellow (make-color 'L*a*b* '( 76  7  130)))
	  (luv-blue   (make-color 'L*u*v* '( 32 -9 -132))))
  (print "rgb-red's distance from the D65 whitepoint is "    (CIE:DE* rgb-red D65 D65))
  (print "lab-yellow's distance from the D65 whitepoint is " (CIE:DE* lab-yellow D65 D65))
  (print "luv-blue's distance from the D65 whitepoint is "   (CIE:DE* luv-blue D65 D65))
  (print "D65's distance from the D65 whitepoint is "        (CIE:DE* D65 D65 D65)))


Aubrey Jaffer



Erik Falor <ewfalor at gmail dot com>

Version history

Ported to CHICKEN 5
Initial release as CHICKEN Scheme egg


Copyright 2001, 2002 Aubrey Jaffer

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