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(address-infos HOST [#:port PORT] [#:family FAMILY] [#:type TYPE] [#:server? SERVER] [#:numeric? NUMERIC])procedure

Tries to lookup socket addresses for the given HOST and/or PORT. If the lookup is successful, the procedure returns a list of address information records. Otherwise it returns #f.

For a successful lookup you must at least specify a HOST or a PORT. If no HOST is specified, the function defaults to server mode lookup and will return wildcard addresses. This behaviour can be changed using the SERVER flag.

By default, the procedure will return address information records for all suitable supported protocol families and socket types. The FAMILY argument may be used to filter for 'ipv4 or 'ipv6 addresses. The TYPE argument may be used to filter for 'tcp / 'stream, 'udp / 'datagram or 'raw socket types.

Unless the NUMERIC flag is set to a true value, the procedure will convert hostnames into numeric network addresses.