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(near-address TERM LOCATION #:NUMBER #:CC #:CATEGORY)procedure

Returns a list of NUMBER reviews for businesses containing TERM and located near the address LOCATION. The CATEGORY keyword may be used to limit the search to a particular Yelp category name, e.g., "vietnamese".

Yelp's search algorithm is quite liberal in what it accepts for LOCATION; neighborhood names are valid terms as are common abbreviations for major cities. For example:

#;1> (display-info (near-address "tokyo a go-go" "mission sf"))
Categories: Sushi Bars, Japanese
Neighborhood: Mission
Tokyo Go Go
3174 16th Street
Suite 250I
San Francisco, CA 94103
37.764900 -122.424003
#;2> (display-info (near-address "john's pizzeria" "nyc"))
Categories: Pizza
Neighborhood: West Village
John's Pizzeria
278 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014
40.731712 -74.003274