chickadee » xml-rpc » hash-table->xml-rpc-struct

list->xml-rpc-array listprocedure
vector->xml-rpc-array vectorprocedure
number->xml-rpc-int numberprocedure
number->xml-rpc-double numberprocedure
boolean->xml-rpc-boolean booleanprocedure
u8vector->xml-rpc-base64 u8vectorprocedure
blob->xml-rpc-base64 blobprocedure
alist->xml-rpc-struct alistprocedure
hash-table->xml-rpc-struct hash-tableprocedure

These procedures pretty much do the obvious thing: they encode a Scheme object of the given type to an SXML representation for use in the XML-RPC request. Again, the return values look like (i4 "1") and (string "foo"), not like (value (string "foo")). Inside arrays and structs, the value is automatically wrapped around the right values.