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exec* sprocedure

Executes statement sql, returning the number of changes (if the result set has no columns as in INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE) or the first row (if column data is returned as in SELECT). In the latter case, it is like performing a (query* fetch s), but is more efficient.

Resurrection is omitted, as it would wipe out any bindings. Reset is NOT done beforehand; it is cheap, but the user must reset before a bind anyway.

The statement is always reset afterward, even if an exception occurs, to avoid locking the database. Note however that an internal error when retrieving column data (such as a string > 16MB) will leave the statement open -- this is a flaw in the current implementation.

(exec (sql db "INSERT INTO cache(key, val) values(?, ?);")
      "chicken" 4)
; => 1
(exec (sql db "SELECT * FROM cache WHERE key = ?;")
; => ("chicken" "4")
(first-column (exec (sql db "SELECT val FROM cache;")))
; => "bar"
(first-column (exec (sql db "SELECT val FROM cache;")))
; => "bar"