chickadee » speech-dispatcher-client » set-debug

set-debug conn statusprocedure

If set to on, Speech Dispatcher will write all its debugging information (including output modules) with maximal verbosity into a debug directory which is reported by the server to the client in reply to this command. When subsequently set to off, Speech Dispatcher will stop writing out debugging information into this path and close all the appropriate logging files.

The intended use for this functionality is on-line debugging from client application. If the user wants to report a problem, the client application will ask him for a place to generate the logs, to repeat the situation that he considers to be a bug, and then perhaps it will automatically pack the logs and offer to send them to the developers of Speech Dispatcher or another appropriate place where the contained information can be processed.

Warning: This option results in a lot of data being written into the output logs and so should not be left on for an unnecessarily long time.