chickadee » speech-dispatcher-client » set-client-name

set-client-name conn client-nameprocedure

Set client's name. Client name consists of the user name, client (application) identification, and the identification of the component of the client (application). Each of the parts of the client name may contain only alphanumeric characters, dashes (-) and underscores (_).

For example, for a client called lynx that creates an SSIP connection for its command processing, the name could be set in the following way:

(set-client-name conn "joe:lynx:cmd_processing")

The client name is used in the server configuration settings, client listings and message history handling. All its three parts can be arbitrary, but it's important to define and follow rules for each application supporting Speech Synthesis Interface Protocol, so that a Speech Server user can configure all the aspects of the speech output easily.

Usually, this command should be sent as the very first command when a new connection SSIP connection is established. The command may be sent only once within a single connection. Attempts to change the client's name once it's already set are answered with an error code.