chickadee » speech-dispatcher-client » history-search

Return the list of history messages satisfying condition. The command allows searching messages by given words. The output format is the same as the history-get-client-messages command.

The meaning of the first argument is the same as the history-get-client-messages command.

condition is constructed according to the following grammar rules:

 condition :: word
 Matches messages containing word.
 condition :: ( ! condition )
 Negation of the given condition.
 condition :: ( condition [ & condition ... ] )
 Logical AND — all the conditions must be satisfied.
 condition :: ( condition [ | condition ... ] )
 Logical OR — at least one of the conditions must be satisfied.

Spaces within the condition are insignificant and ignored.

The following rules apply to words:

  • word is a sequence of adjacent alphanumeric characters.
  • If word contains any upper-case letter, the search for the word is case sensitive, otherwise it's case insensitive.
  • word must match whole word, not only its substring.
  • word can contain the wild card characters ?, substituting any single alphanumeric character, and *, substituting any number (incl. zero) of alphanumeric characters.

Returned messages are sorted by the following rules:

The primary sorting is defined by the number of the satisfied subconditions on the top level of the given condition, from the highest (best matching messages first) to the lowest. This takes effect only if the given condition is the OR rule. The criterion used in the last client's invocation of the HISTORY SORT command. If no history-sort has been invoked yet, the messages are sorted from the oldest to the newest, according to their time of arrival.