chickadee » speech-dispatcher-client » history-get-client-messages

history-get-client-messages conn thing start numberprocedure

List identifiers of messages sent by the client identified by id. If the special identifier all is used, identifiers of messages sent by all clients are listed; if the special identifier self is used, identifiers of messages sent by this client are listed.

number of messages is listed, starting from the message numbered start. Both number and start must be positive integers. The first message is numbered 1, the second 2, etc. If the given range exceeds the range of available messages, no error is signaled and the given range is restricted to the available range of messages.

Messages are sorted by the criterion used in the last client's invocation of the history-sort command. If no history-set has been invoked yet, the messages are sorted from the oldest to the newest, according to their time of arrival at Speech Server.

Each message id is listed, together with other information, on a separate line, in the following format:

 id client-id client-name "time" priority "intro"

client-id is a numeric identifier of the client which sent the message, client-name is its name as set by the set-client-name command (see section Parameter Setting). time is the time of arrival of the message, in the fixed length YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format. priority is the priority of the message, one of the values accepted by the set-priority command.

intro is the introductory part of the message of a certain maximum length, see the history-set-shor-message-length command. intro does not contain any double quotes nor the line feed character.

All the message identifiers in the history, regardless of clients that issued them, are unique within a single run of Speech Server and remain unchanged.