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(send-mail #!key (subject #f) (text #f) (html #f) (from #f) (from-name #f) (to #f) (reply-to #f) (api-user (api-user)) (api-key (api-key)) files)procedure

Takes all the required arguments, passes a request on to SendGrid, and returns the SendGrid response in list form. api-user and api-key are optional if you specified them as parameters.

Only html or text needs to be specified. If html is specified, then the resulting email will be in HTML format. If both html and text are specified, then the resulting email will only include the contents of html.

files is optional and is a list of alists containing file attachments. The alist for each file must contain the key filename -- a string, filepath -- a string, and content-type -- a symbol. Example of files:

(((filepath . "/foo.txt") (filename . "foo.txt") (content-type . text/plain)))