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make-rfc3339 year month day hours minutes seconds fractions offsetprocedure
rfc3339? Rprocedure
rfc3339-year Rprocedure
rfc3339-month Rprocedure
rfc3339-day Rprocedure
rfc3339-hours Rprocedure
rfc3339-minutes Rprocedure
rfc3339-seconds Rprocedure
rfc3339-fractions Rprocedure
rfc3339-offset Rprocedure

A record representing an RFC3339 datetime. The record fields are:

yearthe year AD 1-9999, e.g. 2010
monththe month 1-12, where January = 1
daythe day 1-31
hoursthe hour 0-23
minutesthe minutes 0-59
secondsthe seconds 0-59
fractionsfractions of a second, 0 <= x < 1
offsetseconds west of UTC

Record field values may be out of range; no checking is done for validity.