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(query* CONN QUERY [PARAMS] [format: FORMAT] [raw: RAW?])procedure

A less convenient but slightly more powerful version of the query procedure; PARAMS must now be a list (instead of rest-arguments). FORMAT is a symbol specifying how to return the resultset: either as binary or text (the default). RAW is a boolean which defines whether the PARAMS should be treated "raw" or first passed through the unparsers associated with CONN. If they are treated "raw", they must all be strings, blobs or sql-null objects.

See type conversion for more info on unparsers.

(use postgresql)

(let ((conn (connect '((dbname . test)))))
    (lambda (a b) (list (blob->string a) (blob->u8vector b)))
    (query* conn "SELECT $1::text, 2::int2" '("hello") format: 'binary)))
 => (("hello" #u8(0 2)))