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escape-bytea CONNECTION OBJprocedure

Quotes special characters in OBJ (a string, blob or srfi-4 vector), which would otherwise be interpreted by the SQL parser. This differs from escape-string in that some bytes are doubly encoded so they can be used for bytea columns.

This is required because of a technicality; PostgreSQL first parses the string value as a string, and then casts this string to bytea, interpreting another layer of escape codes.

For example, E'a\\000bcd' is first converted to 'a\000bcd' by the text parser, and then interpreted by the bytea parser as an "a" followed by a NUL byte, followed by "bcd". In Scheme, the value returned by (escape-bytea conn "a\x00bcd") is "a\\\\000bcd". Yes, that's a lot of backslashes :)