chickadee » posix » file-stat

file-stat FILE #!optional LINKprocedure

Returns a 13-element vector with the following contents:

index value field notes
0 inode number st_ino
1 mode st_mode bitfield combining file permissions and file type
2 number of hard links st_nlink
3 UID of owner st_uid as with file-owner
4 GID of owner st_gid
5 size st_size as with file-size
6 access time st_atime as with file-access-time
7 change time st_ctime as with file-change-time
8 modification time st_mtime as with file-modification-time
9 parent device ID st_dev ID of device on which this file resides
10 device ID st_rdev device ID for special files (i.e. the raw major/minor number)
11 block size st_blksize
12 number of blocks allocated st_blocks

On Windows systems, the last 4 values are undefined.

By default, symbolic links are followed and the status of the referenced file is returned; however, if the optional argument LINK is given and not #f, the status of the link itself is returned.

FILE may be a filename, port or file-descriptor.

Note that for very large files, the file-size value may be an inexact integer.