chickadee » physfs » set-sane-config

set-sane-config organization appName archiveExt includeCdRoms archivesFirstprocedure

Set up sane, default paths.

Helper function.

The write dir will be set to "userdir/.organization/appName", which is created if it doesn't exist.

The above is sufficient to make sure your program's configuration directory is separated from other clutter, and platform-independent. The period before "mygame" even hides the directory on Unix systems.

The search path will be:

  • The Write Dir (created if it doesn't exist)
  • The Base Dir (get-base-dir)
  • All found CD-ROM dirs (optionally)

These directories are then searched for files ending with the extension (archiveExt), which, if they are valid and supported archives, will also be added to the search path. If you specified "PKG" for (archiveExt), and there's a file named data.PKG in the base dir, it'll be checked. Archives can either be appended or prepended to the search path in alphabetical order, regardless of which directories they were found in.

All of this can be accomplished from the application, but this just does it all for you. Feel free to add more to the search path manually, too.