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set-buffer handle bufsizeprocedure

Set up buffering for a PhysicsFS file handle.

Define an i/o buffer for a file handle. A memory block of (bufsize) bytes will be allocated and associated with (handle).

For files opened for reading, up to (bufsize) bytes are read from (handle) and stored in the internal buffer. Calls to (read) will pull from this buffer until it is empty, and then refill it for more reading. Note that compressed files, like ZIP archives, will decompress while buffering, so this can be handy for offsetting CPU-intensive operations. The buffer isn't filled until you do your next read.

For files opened for writing, data will be buffered to memory until the buffer is full or the buffer is flushed. Closing a handle implicitly causes a flush...check your return values!

Seeking, etc transparently accounts for buffering.

You can resize an existing buffer by calling this function more than once on the same file. Setting the buffer size to zero will free an existing buffer.

PhysicsFS file handles are unbuffered by default.

Please check the return value of this function! Failures can include not being able to seek backwards in a read-only file when removing the buffer, not being able to allocate the buffer, and not being able to flush the buffer to disk, among other unexpected problems.