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mount newDir mountPoint appendToPathprocedure

Add an archive or directory to the search path.

If this is a duplicate, the entry is not added again, even though the function succeeds. You may not add the same archive to two different mountpoints: duplicate checking is done against the archive and not the mountpoint.

When you mount an archive, it is added to a virtual file system...all files in all of the archives are interpolated into a single hierachical file tree. Two archives mounted at the same place (or an archive with files overlapping another mountpoint) may have overlapping files: in such a case, the file earliest in the search path is selected, and the other files are inaccessible to the application. This allows archives to be used to override previous revisions; you can use the mounting mechanism to place archives at a specific point in the file tree and prevent overlap; this is useful for downloadable mods that might trample over application data or each other, for example.

The mountpoint does not need to exist prior to mounting, which is different than those familiar with the Unix concept of "mounting" may not expect. As well, more than one archive can be mounted to the same mountpoint, or mountpoints and archive contents can overlap...the interpolation mechanism still functions as usual.