chickadee » physfs » get-real-dir

get-real-dir filenameprocedure

Figure out where in the search path a file resides.

The file is specified in platform-independent notation. The returned filename will be the element of the search path where the file was found, which may be a directory, or an archive. Even if there are multiple matches in different parts of the search path, only the first one found is used, just like when opening a file.

So, if you look for "maps/", and C:\\mygame is in your search path and C:\\mygame\\maps\\ exists, then "C:\mygame" is returned.

If a any part of a match is a symbolic link, and you've not explicitly permitted symlinks, then it will be ignored, and the search for a match will continue.

If you specify a fake directory that only exists as a mount point, it'll be associated with the first archive mounted there, even though that directory isn't necessarily contained in a real archive.