chickadee » physfs » deinit


Deinitialize the PhysicsFS library.

This closes any files opened via PhysicsFS, blanks the search/write paths, frees memory, and invalidates all of your file handles.

Note that this call can FAIL if there's a file open for writing that refuses to close (for example, the underlying operating system was buffering writes to network filesystem, and the fileserver has crashed, or a hard drive has failed, etc). It is usually best to close all write handles yourself before calling this function, so that you can gracefully handle a specific failure.

Once successfully deinitialized, (init) can be called again to restart the subsystem. All default API states are restored at this point, with the exception of any custom allocator you might have specified, which survives between initializations.

Returns nonzero on success, zero on error. Specifics of the error can be gleaned from (getLastError). If failure, state of PhysFS is undefined, and probably badly screwed up.