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This is an egg for CHICKEN 4, the unsupported old release. You're almost certainly looking for the CHICKEN 5 version of this egg, if it exists.

If it does not exist, there may be equivalent functionality provided by another egg; have a look at the egg index. Otherwise, please consider porting this egg to the current version of CHICKEN.



Basic bindings for libola, Open Lighting Architecture. Classes covered so far are DmxBuffer and StreamingClient.

For bug reports, feature requests, and development versions, visit the github project page.



Chicken Eggs

C Headers




Return ola's version as a list.


Return ola's version as a string.


(init-logging [level] [output]) => boolprocedure

Level may be one of the following symbols:

  • log-level/none
  • log-level/fatal
  • log-level/warn
  • log-level/info
  • log-level/debug
  • log-level/max

Output may be one of the following symbols:

  • log-output/stderr
  • log-output/syslog
  • log-output/null



Construct a new empty dmxbuffer.

dmxbuffer other-dmxbufferprocedure

Construct a new dmxbuffer with the same contents as other-dmxbuffer.

dmxbuffer bytevectorprocedure

Constructs a new dmxbuffer with the same contents as bytevector.

dmxbuffer? dmxbufferprocedure

Dmxbuffer predicate.

dmxbuffer=? dmxbuffer-a dmxbuffer-bprocedure

Test whether dmxbuffer-a and dmxbuffer-b have equal contents.

dmxbuffer-size dmxbufferprocedure

Size of dmxbuffer.

dmxbuffer-get dmxbufferprocedure

Return contents of dmxbuffer as a bytevector.

dmxbuffer-get-channel dmxbuffer channelprocedure

Return the value of the given channel in dmxbuffer.

dmxbuffer-get-range dmxbuffer offset lengthprocedure

Return a bytevector of the requested range in dmxbuffer.

dmxbuffer-set! dmxbuffer bytevector offset sizeprocedure

Set the contents of dmxbuffer to contents of bytevector at given offset and size.

dmxbuffer-set! dmxbuffer bytevectorprocedure

Set the contents of dmxbuffer to contents of bytevector.

dmxbuffer-set! dmxbuffer dmxbuffer-otherprocedure

Set the contents of dmxbuffer to contents of dmxbuffer-other.

dmxbuffer-set-channel! dmxbuffer channel valueprocedure

Set dmxbuffer channel to value.

dmxbuffer-set-from-string! dmxbuffer strprocedure

Complement of dmxbuffer->string. Sets the contents of dmxbuffer according to the specially formatted string str. The format of the string is integers separated by commas, where 0's may be omitted, e.g. "1,2,,255"

dmxbuffer-set-range! dmxbuffer dst-offset bytevectorprocedure

Set contents of dmxbuffer from dst-offset to contents of bytevector.

dmxbuffer-set-range! dmxbuffer dst-offset bytevector src-offset src-lengthprocedure

Set contents of dmxbuffer from dst-offset to contents of bytevector, from src-offset, src-length bytes.

dmxbuffer-set-range-to-value! dmxbuffer offset value lengthprocedure

Set contents of dmxbuffer from offset for length to value.

dmxbuffer-htp-merge! dmxbuffer other-dmxbufferprocedure

Perform an HTP merge (high value merge) with other-dmxbuffer into dmxbuffer.

dmxbuffer-blackout! dmxbufferprocedure

Set all channels to 0 in dmxbuffer.

dmxbuffer-reset! dmxbufferprocedure

Reset dmxbuffer size to 0.

dmxbuffer->string dmxbufferprocedure

Complement of 'dmxbuffer-set-from-string!'. Returns a human-readable string representing the contents of dmxbuffer - comma separated decimal values.


(streamingclient [auto-start: bool] [server-port: port]) => streamingclientprocedure

Constructs a client and attempts to establish a connection to the ola daemon. Auto-start is whether to start olad if it is not already running, default true. Server-port is the port to use, default 9010. Signals an '(exn ola)' condition if it fails to connect to the ola daemon.

streamingclient-stop streamingclientprocedure

Stops a streamingclient.

streamingclient-send-dmx streamingclient universe dmxbufferprocedure

Sends contents of dmxbuffer to the given universe on streamingclient.


(use ola r7rs)
(let ((client (streamingclient auto-start: #f)))
  (streamingclient-send-dmx client 0 (dmxbuffer (string->utf8 "AeIoUaEiO"))))



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