chickadee » matrix-utils » make-logspace


Given procedures VECTOR-REF, MAKE-VECTOR and FILL-MATRIX!, returns a procedure LOGSPACE of the form LOGSPACE:: N * BASE * LIMIT -> V

Where LOGSPACE returns a row vector with N logarithmically spaced elements between 10^BASE and 10^LIMIT. The number of elements, N, must be greater than 1. The BASE and LIMIT are always included in the range. If BASE is greater than LIMIT, the elements are stored in decreasing order.

VECTOR-REF and MAKE-VECTOR are two of the homogeneous vector procedures from SRFI-4, and FILL-MATRIX! is a procedure created by MAKE-FILL-MATRIX, above. FILL-MATRIX! must operate on the same type of vector as VECTOR-REF and MAKE-VECTOR.