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(jlambda-methods CLASS-NAME METHOD-NAME ((MODIFIER RETURN-TYPE (ARGS..)) ...)) -> lambda procedure

This procedure will create jlambda-method variants for each signature. When the procedure is invoked will try to resolve the overloaded methods as java will do. If there is not enough information for that, type hints information should be added to help the identification.

   (let ((ov1 (jlambda-methods 'com.chicken_mobile.jni.test.Bar 'bar
                        '((#f int . (int)) 
                          (#f int . (short))
                          (#f int . (java.lang.String))))))
   (ov1 bar 1 "hola")
   (ov1 bar 2 )
   (ov1 bar (type: short 1)))