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irc:message-prefix MESSAGEprocedure
irc:message-command MESSAGEprocedure
irc:message-timestamp MESSAGEprocedure
irc:message-code MESSAGEprocedure
irc:message-body MESSAGEprocedure
irc:message-parameters MESSAGEprocedure
irc:message-index MESSAGEprocedure

Return the components of a message object. The prefix is either a list of the form (SERVERNAME) or a list containing the message prefix of the form (NICK USER HOST) (all values are strings). The timestamp holds the current number of seconds (as returned by (current-seconds)) at the point when the message was parsed. The body contains the complete message string. The code is a numerical command-code for the message or #f. The parameters is a list of strings, containing message destination and message body. If the message contains extended information (mostly ACTIONs), then the last value in the list is an extended data object. The index is a numeric message index.