chickadee » imperative-command-line-a » define-command-group*

(define-command-group name command-def ...)syntax
(define-command-group name #:title title command-def ...)syntax
(define-command-group* name command-def ...)syntax
(define-command-group* name #:title title command-def ...)syntax

define-command-group is the typical way to define a command group. It defines the symbol name as a command group constructed according to the rest of the arguments. It adds the new group to (groups).

The starred form, define-command-group*, is the same, except that it does not automatically add the new group to (groups).

When no title is given, make-title is used to generate one automatically based on name. The title is used in the -help display.

Each command-def looks like ((name . args) . body) or ((name . args) #:doc doc . body). The #:doc keyword may be used to store a short docstring for the command, which will be printed in the -help display.